S.T.A.R. Enrichment Program

STAR students learn about theatrical improvisation.

Students learn about theatrical improvisation.

Our S.T.A.R. Enrichment Program focuses on Shaping Talented Artists on the Rise. It is our passion to educate, empower, and inform students on the importance of art appreciation.

This program encompasses two components:

The After-School Program is offered to schools in Houston and the surrounding areas throughout the calendar year. Our staff provides after-school instruction to students of all ages, from daycare to elementary to high school.

The Summer Intensive Program is offered as an added incentive to other community-based programs. Much like the After-School Program, the Summer Intensive is a monthly collaboration with area community organizations.

Students in both programs are trained by professional artists and teachers in drama, dance, music, technical theatre, etiquette, and life skills. Classes include:

  • Behind it All – Come explore the theory behind different styles of acting from classical to modern, comedy to drama, and all the stops in between.
  • Bringing out the Actor in You – Find your inner actor through role playing, creative exercises, physical movement, improvisation, and other performance basics. This class also allows students to explore the technical side of theatre.
  • Gotta Sing – Introduces students to the basic voice diction and breathing techniques needed in vocal music performance.  Also, study the importance of music and how it influences theatre.
  • Gotta Dance – Learn the fluid movement of dance in theatre.  Study various forms of dance and how it motivates theatre.

If you are interested in having us become a provider for your district or school please contact us.

Register for S.T.A.R. ($280)