About Us

Founded in 2004, in Houston, Texas, Stage Presence Performing Arts Studio has realized the meaning of perseverance. Through many triumphs as well as challenges, we have grown to become an integral part of the performing arts community.

Our emphasis is providing quality performing arts training through education outreach, special programs and cultural arts training. We have chosen to become the vessel that empowers, educates, and equips performing artists of all ages to be unparalleled in their craft and effective in their public and private lives.


To help students find and make their mark on the stage and the world through performing arts training, education outreach, special programs, and cultural arts training.

Statement of Purpose and Commitment to the Community

Stage Presence Performing Arts Studio strives to be a viable resource for performing artists. We provide cohesive and comprehensive training in music, dance, and theater; as well as applicable life skills to develop the total artist. Our ability to combine the arts with real life strategies makes our programming a hub for those who are interested in pursuing performing arts a career.

We have made a commitment to increase cultural development in the City of Houston. Through collaborations with the City of Houston, Houston Independent School District, Sharpstown Center, Debbie Allen, The Wortham Center, Houston Ballet, and other local businesses. We continue to build the awareness of arts programming and market to bring our patrons to participate in the activities of the mall.